Arabatsk arrow


   Arabatsk arrow - this is a sand spit on the size unparalleled in the world. The length of 112 km, width from 270 meters to 7 kilometers. The name comes from hands Arbatskaya turkmenkskogo arabat - Suburb. " Sloping beach consisted of sand and small shells. The underwater part of a shallow, warm up to 28-30 ° C, allows for a long time to take the sea baths, even those who absolutely can not swim and, most importantly - children. Depth 2 and more meters begins at a distance of 100-200 meters from the edge of the land.

   When the sea is calm and the water very often can be seen in the aquarium, there is a lot of fans to watch the underwater life, just head down with a mask, not to mention those who like to "fly" over the clear shallow waters in a mask with a tube and flippers. Their gaze was called to an amazing underwater world.

   The richness and generosity of the Azov Sea is worth special mention. The ancient Greeks once called him Meatidoy, which means - "nurse". The Scythians called him Kargulak (rich in fish), Maeotae - Timirindoy (mother of the sea) ...

   But the evidence from the very recent past. In the 30 years in the former USSR Azov Sea gave 20 percent of the USSR's fish catch and 31 percent in inland waters. With each hectare of the size it was filmed fish up to 6 times higher than in the Caspian Sea is about 8 times higher than in the Baltic Sea and 25 times higher than in the Black Sea.

   Speaking about the generosity of the Azov Sea, we should mention the following: if you are "in the money", you can enjoy without unnecessary delay, soup or sturgeon from the sturgeon, even if these delicacies are not included in the diets of your chosen resort.

   On our planet there are only four of approximately the same unique source hydromineral raw materials. Two of them - the Great Salt Lake in the U.S. and the Dead Sea in the Middle East. Two - within the CIS: the Gulf of Kara-Bogaz-Gol and Siwash that bathes the western shore Arabatskaya arrows.

   Arabatsk arrow is the main component part of a vast natural factory for solar salt. It covers the waters of the Azov Sea, leaving them only a small strait thin. As a result, Sivash 16 times the salt concentration increases due to the natural evaporation of water when driving along the arrows from north to south. Every year in the Siwash of Azov water discharges about 12 million tons of salt - bromine, sodium, magnesium and other valuable minerals.

   Mineral waters are open to the Arbat-wise recently. At the conclusion of the Ukrainian Research Institute of balneology and physiotherapy, these waters have balneological value of its salinity, chemical composition and the presence of biologically active substances such as iodine, bromine, silicic acid. An important and was the factor that the thermal waters, fed from the wells with a temperature of 40-42 degrees on the spout. They are used to treat diseases of musculoskeletal system, nervous system and other ailments. On the spit of 7 km from Genichesk opened Spa clinic, where the hospital and is improving kursovkam lot of people.

   In addition to the curative waters Arabatke have inexhaustible supplies of curative mud and brine. Researchers have found the huge number of lakes Sal'kove, Genichesk, in the Strait Kruchene Arm and prove the necessity of building in these areas, mud.

   Another powerful healing factor - brine (salt solution), lakes and bays. Her possibilities are endless. Assuming kurortologicheskih Arabatki opportunities, we should admit that they used only one-third.

   Many experts consider the Azov Sea and Sivash as an ideal place for a large international database on the mass development of sailing. Closed reservoir, the presence of many islands, climatic conditions can make it extremely fascinating and practically safe. The mere fact that Arabatka located in a pristine natural place where there are no environmentally harmful production, holds abundant promise.

   No really only populated northern part of Kherson Arabatskaya arrows. There are about 100 health camps, resorts and holiday camps.