Fish fauna of the Azov Sea is currently composed of 103 species and subspecies of fish belonging to 76 genera, and is represented by continuous, semi, marine and freshwater species.

   Globe fish feeding in the sea before the onset of puberty, and go into the river only to spawn. Frequency of reproduction in rivers and flood meadow or does not exceed 1-2 months. Among the Azov anadromous fish are the most valuable commercial species such as beluga, sturgeon, sturgeon, herring, and rybets shemaya.

   Semi-species for reproduction come from the sea into the rivers. However, in the rivers, they could be detained for a longer time than the continuous (up to a year). With regard to juveniles, it slips out of spawning very slowly and often remains in the river for the winter. For the semi fish are widespread species such as pike perch, bream, roach, sabrefish and some others.

   Marine species breeding and feeding in salt waters. Among them are the species that lives permanently in the Azov Sea. This - Far East haarder, flounder, brill, gloss, sprat, perkarina, komashka stickleback, a fish-needles and all kinds of bulls. And finally, there is a large group of marine fish, calling at the Sea of Azov from the Black Sea, including those committed by regular migration. These include: Azov anchovy, anchovy Black Sea, Black Sea herring, Goat, golden mullet, sharp-nosed, striped mullet, brill Black Sea, scad, mackerel, etc.

   Freshwater species are usually permanently live in one area of the reservoir and large migrations did not commit. These species inhabit usually desalinated sea area. Here there are such fish as sturgeon, goldfish, pike, ide, ukleya etc.