Geographic Features of the Azov Sea


   Listed big or special interest in geographical objects sequentially in a clockwise direction along the coast from the Strait of Kerch.

   Bays and estuaries:

   On the territory of Ukraine:

   the south-west: Kazantip bay Arabat Bay;

   the west: Siwash Bay;

   the north-west: Utlyuks'kyi estuary, Milk estuary Obytichnyi Bay, Berdyansk Gulf;

   On the territory of Russia:

   the north-east: Taganrog Bay, Miusskaya estuary, Yeiskiy estuary;

   the east: Jasienski Gulf Beysugsky estuary Akhtarsk estuary;

   in the south-east: Temryuk bay.

   Braids and capes:

   Main article: Scythes Sea of Azov

   On the territory of Ukraine:

   the south-west: Cape Chrono, Cape Zuke, Cape Chagan and Cape Kazantip (Kazantip Bay);

   the west: Spit Arabatsk Arrow (Siwash Bay);

   the north-west: Fedotova Spit and Spit Biruchiy Island (Utlyuksky estuary), Obytichna Spit (Obytichnyi Bay), Berdyansk Spit (Berdyansk Bay);

   the north-east: Belosarayskaya Xhosa, Xhosa Curve, Tuzla Spit;

   On the territory of Russia:

   the north-east: Beglitskaya Xhosa, Xhosa Petrushin, Taganrog Cape;

   the east: Cape Chumbursky, Glafirovskaya Spit, a long braid, Kamyshevatskaya Xhosa Jasienski Spit (Beysugsky estuary), Achuevskaya Spit (Akhtarsk estuary), Eisk Xhosa, Xhosa Sazalnikskaya;

   the south-east: Cape and Cape Achuevsky Stone (Temryuk Bay).

   in the Kerch Strait: Spit pigs.

   Rivers flowing into the sea:

   On the territory of Ukraine:

   the north-west: Small Utlyuk, Dairy, Korsak, Lozovatka, Obytichna, Byrd, Kal'mius, Gruz'kyi Yelanchyk;

   In Russia:

   the north-east: Wet Yelanchyk, Mius, Sambek, Don, Kagalnik, Wet Chuburka, En;

   the south-east: duct, Kuban.