Sea of Azov - the north-eastern side of the Black Sea basin, with which it connects to the Kerch Strait (the Bosporus Cimmerian in ancient times as wide as 4,2 km). This is the shallow sea in the world, its depth does not exceed 15 meters.

   The ends of the Azov Sea lies between 45 ° 12'30 "and 47 ° 17'30" sowing. latitude and between 33 ° 38 '(Lake Sivash) and 39 ° 18' East. longitude. The largest of its length 343 km, the largest width of 231 km length of coastline 1,472 km; surface area - 37,605 km ². (In this area does not include the islands and braids, occupying 107,9 sq. km.).

   The morphological features as it relates to flat seas and a shallow water body with low coastal slopes. As the distance from the ocean to the mainland Azov Sea is the most continental sea of the planet.

   In winter, may result in partial or complete freeze, while ice is carried in the Black Sea through the Kerch Strait. Typically, ice formation is typical for January, but in cold years may take place a month earlier.