Taganrog Bay


   Taganrog Bay - located in north-eastern part of the Azov Sea and is its largest and most isolated bay. Taganrog Bay is separated from the sea braids long and Belosarayskoy. The length of the bay is about 140 km, the width at the entrance of 31 km. Taganrog Bay shallow than the Azov Sea and has a very smooth bottom relief. Its average depth is 4,9 m, volume of 25 km ³. Taganrog Bay Area 5600 km ². It freezes from December to March.

   In Taganrog Bay flow into the Don River, Kal'mius, Mius and Yei.

   Inflow waters in the Gulf of Don serves as the primary cause of the currents in the Sea of Azov.

   The concentration of salt water in the Gulf is uneven. East, the most shallow part of the bay, which receives water directly to Don desalinized, and the western most osolonena, as is often subjected to the direct effects of Azov water.

   Taganrog Yeisk in Russia and Mariupol in the Ukraine are the main ports of Taganrog Bay.